Q & A with Drew Bond

Three weeks into the new Fantrax season, Bobbond Allstars manager Drew Bond caught up with former X11 hero, now football columnist, Jim Dean, for a chat about the season so far:

Jim: So it’s the beginning of another Fantrax season – you were near the top of the league all season last year, finally drifting off towards the back end of the season to a 5th placed position, along with a 3rd placed finish in the Survival Cup. What are your expectations for this season?

Drew: It was a great debut season for us. I knew it would be tough coming into such a competitive league alongside 13 other experienced managers, so to finish 5th was a great start to my Fantrax career. After the auction this year, I was fairly happy with my team – defensively we’re a lot stronger than last year, and our strike force of Kane and Deeney should prove to be a solid partnership this season. Our midfield is where we’re in trouble though. It’s gash to say the least. The free agents available are pretty dismal too, so we’re really looking forward to the return from injury for Lanzini and Shaqiri to add a bit of firepower to our midfield.

Jim: You just lost to Lewey’s Legends and haven’t registered a win yet this season, you’re the only team to not score at least 30 points in a gameweek, you’re bottom of all the stats and most importantly you’re bottom of the league. What do you have to say to the fans, if you have any left that is?

Drew: Do you wanna go mate?!?

Jim: I’m merely stating the facts Drew, you’re not doing very well are you?

Drew: It’s not been the start we wanted. Luck hasn’t been on our side – if Baines hadn’t have spannered his penalty I’d be sitting here with a win. But shit happens, you’ve just gotta deal with it. I have faith in our squad. Well, most of it. George Boyd is a cunt and he won’t be playing another game for the Allstars. I don’t even know why I signed him. But we’ve still got 100mil in the bank and we intend to spend it wisely, unlike that buffoon Thomas Borrill. We face The Groovy Penises after the international break and we fully intend to get back to winning ways.

Jim: Good luck Drew, you’re going to need it.

Drew: Piss off Jim.


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