Legends Unveil Rebrand

The 2017 Party Fantrax season has kicked off with not so much a bang, more of a clatter.

A hopeful rebrand from manager Josh Rees aimed at reigniting the passion from the fans was quickly masked by predictable dodgy player selection keeping the team cemented at the bottom of the table in a scrap; shambles in Clem’s media department before the season started caused a typo to go unnoticed, leaving the whole club in a state of confusion and are now to be referred to as Clem’s Lems; and above all, we have all witnessed potentially one of the most controversial rebrands in the history of the game, Chris… Talling? Perhaps one quip too far for me, but I for one miss the days of Miceglas.

It’s setting itself up to be an absolute ripper of a season, but with all that said, amongst the chaos the attention quickly turned to the Legends for failing to act and add sparkle to the club, with their in-house branding specialist trying desperately to achieve a golden tan similar to that of his Essex-bound rival sunbed Brother.

But, alas, the cries have been answered and without further ado, a fresh rebrand is sweeping its way across the club. It has been welcomed by fans with open arms and the baby blue positivity and freshness has sent a ripple through the club that has seen the Legends with a respectable 2 wins from 3.


This decision to stay true to the Legends heritage and stick with the original name has been a controversial decision amongst other league members, with many believing that all logos must now contain an animal, but here at the Legends, we have our own animals, with no need of an emoticon.

735832-newcastle-united-fan copy



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