Team of the Season so far (GW17) CHRISTMAS EDITION




It’s that time again. Here is the updated TOTS(SF).

The team has been decided on over fp’s gained. Unsuprisingly it’s a Chelsea dominant team having won 11 games in a row since our last update. (I’m also fully aware that this team/ formation is verging on Garth-esque ridiculousness but I couldn’t leave players out).


GK – Thibaut Courtois, The Hammerheads, 75fpts – 4.41 fp/g

9 CS/ 11 games has seen Thibaut (and the Chelsea defence) steam roll their way into the TOTS. They’re looking like champions at the moment and all managers with their defensive players will be hoping they can continue this form. It’s looking like they’ll be in for a good christmas with home games against Bournemouth and Stoke. Their first big test is likely to be an away game to Spurs, who were worthy challengers earlier in the season, on Jan 4th.

Gaffs guess of inclusion in next TOTS – 25%

LB – Marcos Alonso, Larrys Legends, 70fpts – 5.83 fp/g

The Alonso signing always seemed like a rushed last minute pick up by Conte and I was one of the loudest critics at Larrys signing. I still don’t rate the guy but his stats, fantasy-wise, don’t tell a lie. An average of 5.83pnts a game is a disgusting return. What the fuck do I know about football anyway?

Gaffs guess of inclusion in next TOTS – 18%

CB – Gary Cahill, Team Fisher8080, 74fpts – 4.35fp/g

The only defender to keep his spot in the team. Cahill has had a strange season. Two huge points dropping mistakes earlier in the season had questions marks all over his place in the Chelsea team and the signing of Luiz had people thinking he was out. It was ultimately the formation and system change (aswell as a dash of confidence) of Conte that turned his season around. Gary looks alot more comfortable with the extra support and will contuinue to do wonders for TF.

Gaffs guess of inclusion in next TOTS – 20%

CB -David Luiz, Chris Talling’s XI, 57fpts – 4.38fp/g

The first of three Talling inclusions in the Christmas squad. Since our previous team (GW9) Tallings have managed an oustanding 7W 1D 0L to shoot up the table from 9th (GW9) to 2nd (GW17). Coinciding with the Chelsea resurgance, Talling’s are a genuine threat this season and Luiz’s starting spot looks the healthiest of Chelsea’s back three.

Gaffs guess of inclusion in next TOTS – 20%

RB – Cesar Azpilicueta, Pepperami Barmy Army, 74fpts – 4.35fp/g

I’m running out of things to say about this Chelsea back line. Resurgant, solid, bla, bla, bla. Danny Bride loves him a bit of Azpi and it’s not hard to see why. He’s the joing highest scoring def (with Cahill) on 74fpnts. His switch in position has reduced any attacking potential he had prior but I’m sure Bridle isn’t having sleepless nights over this.

Gaffs guess of inclusion in next TOTS – 20%

LM – Eden Hazard, Chris Talling’s XI, 88 fpts – 5.5fp/g

4th highest scoring player & 3rd highest scorign midfielder. Eden is clearly using this season as one massive middle finger to Mourinho. Bags of talent and ability but I question the attitude of a midfielder who can dissapear for a whole season due to a tantrum. He seems to relesh playing under Conte and the Talling lads will be loving his current stats of 8g 1A (and plenty of CS bonus points).

Gaffs guess of inclusion in next TOTS – 50%

LAM – Alexis Sanchez, Ozone Athletic, 113fts – 6.65fp/g

Officially the best player in the fantrax league with 113fpts. Since week 9 he’s manged to increase an already ridiculous fp/g rate from 6.2 to 6.65. Managing to maintain performaces of this level in an Gunners team who’ve lacked will and confidence as of late if a hell of an achivement. Barring injury, I can’t see what will stop him this season. Stalled contract talks may be Pursalls main concerm but I can’t see any reason why Arsenal wouldn’t do everything in their power to keep this guy. I’ll just leave you with his stats: 17GP 12G 6A – lavely

Gaffs guess of inclusion in next TOTS – 75%

RAM – Theo Walcott, The Groovy Penguins, 83fpts – 5.19fp/g

Theo “I’m a winger, wait no I’m a striker, wait no sorry I’m a winger” Walcott. Has struggled to find his place in a packed Arsenal team over current seasons but Wenger seems to have finally found where to play him. 8Gs 2As is a tasty return for a Penguins side that have dominated this season (Currently sitting on a 7g winning streak).

Gaffs guess of inclusion in next TOTS – 22%

RM – Sadio Mane, The Groovy Penguins, 90fpts – 5.62fp/g

Mane completes an all penguin right sided midfield. Sadio has stepped up another level after his move from the South and is currently the third highest scorer in the league.  8Gs 4As in 16 games, including a last gasp winner against bitter rivals Everton in GW17. If Mane can continue performing at this level (consistency was a big problem during his time at St Marys) he’ll be going nowhere.

Gaffs guess of inclusion in next TOTS – 25%

ST – Romelu Lukaku, Chris Talling’s XI, 74 fpts – 4.62fp/g

Lukaku and Diego manage to keep ahold of their spots yet again. Romelus performancing haven’t been as electric as of late with his fp/g rate dropping from 6 – 4.62. Let’s be fair, I’m tearing at straws here to be critical, but other than his two goals against Watford on Dec 10th he hadn’t scored for the whole of November. Consistency is key for Romelu and Everton. Koeman has a big task on his hands at Goodison and Romelus stats will be a big reflection of his work.

Gaffs guess of inclusion in next TOTS – 19%


ST – Diego Costa, Bozs Pandas, 5.65fp/g – 9gp

Voted one of the worsr signing of the Auction. What he’s scored 13 already? Well that’s embarassing. Will Costa be the prem top scorer this year? All of the evidence seems to be pointing in that direction. Unlike Romelu, Costa has managed to increase his fp/g rate from 5.4-5.65. 13Gs 5As is saucey and seems to be keeping the Pandas sniffing around the european spots. I can’t see this bloke going anywher.

Gaffs guess of inclusion in next TOTS – 65%



That completes the start 11 which consists of


Christ Talling’s XI – 3 players

The Groovy Penguins – 2 players

Bozs Pandas – 1 player

The Hammerheads – 1 player

Leweys Legends – 1 player

Ozone Athletic – 1 player

Pepperami Barmy Army – 1 player

Team Fisher8080 – 1 player



Below is a quick briefing on the subs bench.

GK – Forster, Pepperami Barmy Army, 60fpts – 3.55fp/g

Def – Walker, Team Fisher 8080, 67fpts – 3.94fp/g

Def – Daniels, The Hammerheads, 56fpts – 3.73fp/g

Mid – Lallana, Ozone Athletic, 76fpts – 5.07fp/g

Mid – Eriksen, Chris Talling’s XI, 78fpts – 4.88fp/g

Fw – Zlatan, Elm Grove Elite, 71fpts – 4.44fp/g


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