Good Afternoon and welcome to the latest addition of Gaffs Sour Grapevine.

This week we will be previewing the Clem Derby. Being a sibling can be tough, consistently compared to each other. Who is smarter? Who is more handsome? Who is stronger? Who’d win in a tuggence race? Who has the biggest baps? and most importantly who is the best fantrax manager?

The pain of losing out to your brother must be excruciating, just ask Josh Rees about him and Sam’s hair race.

Things have never been tighter in the Clem Derby. Both teams sit on 15 points (5W 6L 0D each). 1 fpt between them currently keeps Larry and his baps inches above Clemo but it’s time to break away, time for some answers & time for one of the brothers to leave the other in their dust. So here we go:



Larry has a couple of squad dilemmas ahead of this weekends derby. With Valencia injured, Shaw injured/out of favour, Oscar out of favour & Perez out of favour Colonel Bapford is going to struggle putting 11 men out. I imagine he wakes up sweating in the middle of the night having visions of Chris Smalling:

“Why you drop me Larry? Whyyyyyyyyyy?”

Alonso’s emergence has been something of a revolution for the legends but it has come as a price. Oscar is now struggling for gametime forcing LB to fall back on his good ol’ DM’s.  Additionally Perez is yet to find his feet in the league with a measly  87 mins 0G’s and 0BigA’s to his name.

At the back I can see CS’s potentially  coming from both of his starting back 2. Chelsea have been a defensive force since their formation switch up and any WBA defender always offers us the possibility of a CS. Grant has been a great stand in for Stoke who have finally began to keep CS’s and depending on which Bournemouth team turn up on Saturday he may be able to keep this going.

In the middle I believe Lazza will go with a 5man midfield of Can, Dembele, Matic, Ramirez & Stanislas. Can won’t consistently offer much going forward and with Liverpool being incapable of keeping a CS I can’t see much more than 2pnts for him this week. Dembele is in a similar situation but will offer slightly more fantasy value as he takes more of a direct approach than Emre. Matic is always likely to spend more time in his own box than provide any threat but with an away game against Middlesborough he could provide a solid 3pnt’s for the Legs.

Ramirez and Stanislas seem to be the main attacking threats in the Leggy’s midfield but both face tough opponents. Ramirez may struggle to create much against a solid Chelsea defence and likewise Stanislas faces a revitalised Stoke defence.

Musa seems to have fought his way back into the Foxes starting 11 but frustratingly for the Legends he’s taken up more a wide role. He faces a Watford side who were torn apart in their last outing and will be looking to speedy turn around.

Rashy is likely to start up top for United this week. He loves a big game and is a genuine goal threat this weekend, even if United face a strong Arsenal team.




Clemo seems most likely to go for a 4-5-1 setup. Lack of gametime for Klavan, Bojan, Stuani & (potentially) Llorente is a real frustration especially up top where I think Clemence Vileman will be forced to go with Llorente who seems to be progressively losing his spot to Baston. Swansea have been blunt at the best of times this season and it’s hard to see where MC will find a resolution for his forward woes.

2 keepers Clemo has two tough games to chose from between the sticks this week. Gomes at Home to Leicester or Fabianski away to Everton. Neither are arousing options but I believe the most common sense option will be Gomes at home.

The back 4 are the real money makers for the Lemrems. A huge reliance on Arsenal seems to provide Clemo with weekly moments of stress but can, and has, pay off beautifully. Unfortunately an away game at Old Trafford this week seems to reduce the likelihood of an Arsenal CS which will be angering MCVM. To top that off he has Blind playing in the same game which seems destined to return 0 CS’s. Williams facing the Jacks at home for the first time since his transfer will be a tasty story and I’d think Jacks will struggle to score.

In midfield I think Climmense will go with Capoue, Drinkwater, Arnautovic, Mata and Ozil. A good midfield and if there are goals at Old Trafford Matt will be hoping either Mata or Ozil will be involved somehow. Arnautovic is always dangerous and if he faces last gamweeks Bournemouth he’ll be licking his lips at the prospect of facing them. Drinkwater and Capoue will also be facing eachother and extra CS points seem to be Clemos best hopes of returns from these two.


This will be a painful loss to Clemo in a closely fought derby with the Baps narrowly taking the spoils.


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