Team of the Season so far (GW9)


It’s that time again. Here is the updated TOTS(SF).

The team has been decided on FP/G and with a minimum game allowance of 8 games played.


GK – Hugo Lloris, Team Fisher8080, 4.38 fp/g – 8gp

Lloris keeps his place in the TOTS but has droppped his fp/g from 4.67 to 4.38. This is a minor drop but does somewhat reflect Spurs current drop in form. Regardless of their current blunt attack you could argue they still have the best def/keeper combination in the league. With away games approaching at the Emirates, Stamford Bridge and Old Trafford Lloris may struggle to hold his place in the team by our next round of selections.

Gaffs guess of inclusion in next TOTS – 25%

LB – Daley Blind, Clems Rems/Lems, 4.11 fp/g – 8gp

Injury has seen Danny Rose dramatically drop out of the TOTS squad and has allowing a suprise inclusion of Clemo’s utility man Blind. A more attractive player this season with his fantasy position switched to Defence but I can’t see him keeping his spot by the end of the season. Injuries to Shaw and Bailly have helped Blind but I’d imagine he’d eventually lose his spot when back and fit (afcon dependant).

Gaffs guess of inclusion in next TOTS – 8%

CB – Gary Cahill, Team Fisher8080, 4.2fp/g – 10gp

If severe defensive mistakes counted for a points deduction in this league it’s safe to say Gary would have had a ‘mare’ fairly recently. He seems to have sorted his shit out since then and is relishing a spot in Chelsea’s new 3 at the back system. Can he continue to keep Terry out the team? Whats cracking with Zouma? Personally I don’t think Cahill is up to the standard a team like Chelsea will be wanting but he’s happily filling a spot for now.

Gaffs guess of inclusion in next TOTS – 15%

CB – Laurent Koscielny, Gooch United, 5fp/g – 9gp

Graeme Gooch will be happy with this fella. Not only keeping his spot in the team but pushing his fp/g from 4.5 to 5. His partnership with Musty has evolved well and, although we’ve been here before, Arsenal seem to be developing into genuine title contenders. If they continue this kind of form GG will be wearing his Kosc pyjamas during the day.

Gaffs guess of inclusion in next TOTS – 65%

RB – Kyle Walker, Team Fisher8080, 4.3fp/g – 10gp

Another mainstay in the team (and another Fisher808 player) is Walker. Like Lloris he’s had a drop in fp/g’s from 5.2-4.3 and has some tough games approaching. I still believe he will be sniffing around the team by the end of the season.

Gaffs guess of inclusion in next TOTS – 37%

LM – Eden Hazard, Chris Talling (???!!!), 5.4fp/g – 10gp

Eden starts our complete midfield 4 change. Having already beaten his gs tally of last season Hazard isn’t just proving his ability but also his clear attitude towards last years Jose era. 5 G, 1A and 5CS is proving to be a lovely little points booster for the Talling boys. If he can kick on and show his ability for the remainder of the season he’s bound to be near the top.

Gaffs guess of inclusion in next TOTS – 50%

CM – Roberto Firmino, Elm Grove Elite, 5.22fp/g – 9gp

It is clear Roberto is releashing his false 9 role under Klopp and Liverpool look a class act this season. Roberto just beats Coutinho and Mane into the team but to be honest any of these three could be in the team come the end of the season. Liverpool have been leathel going forward and Firmino has been one of the talisman this season. With games approaching against Watford, Southampton, Sunderland, Bournemouth, West Ham, Everton and Stoke owners of Liverpool players will be hoping for even more return from the lads.

Gaffs guess of inclusion in next TOTS – 30%

CM – Alexis Sanchex, Ozone Athletic, 6.2fp/g – 10gp

Alexis has had an outrageous season and is now officially the highest fp/g player in the team. A 6.2 average over 10 games its an outstanding return and will leave Pursall questioning where he may  be if it wasn’t for his boy Alexis. 6goals and 3 assists is a great return for 10 games. Topped with Arsenals improving defensive ability the extra point a game will be a nice cherry on the cake. If he can provide a decent point return against Spurs and Untd he has a nice run of 4 games after.

Gaffs guess of inclusion in next TOTS – 75%

RM – Theo Walcott, The Groovy Penguins, 6fp/g – 9gp

Theo seems to be having some sort of re-invention season with 5goals and 2 assists already. Dicky Mills will be pretty happy he took, what anyone would have said, a gamble on Theo early on. The competition in the Arsenal midfield is spicy and Theo will have to stay at his best to maintain his place in the team.

Gaffs guess of inclusion in next TOTS – 20%


LS – Romelu Lukaku, Talling (???!!!), 6fp/g – 9gp

Lukaku and Diego manage to keep ahold of their spots in the team but Aguero is snapping at their toes like a little Argentinian turtle. Dropping from 6.4-6fp/g isn’t the end of the world and the Talling boys will be hoping Romelu can continue his form and add to his current tally of 7G’s 3A’s.

Gaffs guess of inclusion in next TOTS – 25%

RS – Diego Costa, Bozs Pandas, 5.4fp/g – 9gp

Costa’s still here and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere other than hope for his DVD collection. Chelsea seem to be revitalised under their new system and Costa has continued to bang them in/out. 8G’s and 2A’s so far are part of whats got the Pandas to the top of the table.

Gaffs guess of inclusion in next TOTS – 57%

That completes the start 11 which consists of

Team Fisher8080 – 3 players

Christ Talling (???!!!) – 2 players

Gooch United – 1 player

Bozs Pandas – 1 player

Clems Rem Lems – 1 player

Ozone Athletic – 1 player

The Groovy Penguins – 1 player

Elm Grove Elite – 1 player



Below is a quick briefing on the subs bench.

GK – Heaton, Salamanders, 4.2fp/g – 10gp

Def – Azpilicueta, Pepperami Barmy Army, 3.8fp/g – 10gp

Def – Alderweireld, Penguins, 4fp/g – 8gp

Mid – Coutinho, Team Fisher8080, 5.1fp/g – 10gp

Mid – De Bruyne, Salamanders, 5fp/g – 9gp

Fw – Aguero, Pepperami Barmy Army, 5fp/g – 8gp


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