Active Managers Index

As I scrolled through the pages of Fantrax for the 1,000th time, looking at the endless pixels of data that always keep me coming back for more, I learned that TeamFisher8080 was yet to make a signing this season. I mean, no-one in the history of Fantrax has ever claimed that Fish is an active manager. But was I surprised? I’d be less surprised if I learned that TeamFisher8080 was controlled by a Google-funded algorithm that automatically logged on once a week and made a randomly selected substitution once a month.

However, it did get me thinking. If Fish is the least active manager in our marvellous league, then who is the most active? And how do you measure it? I decided to find out.

The first and most obvious measure of activity is the number of log ins. The more you log in, the more active you are. Simple. But somehow, this alone didn’t seem enough. Once we’ve logged in, what do we do? Well we look at random shit for hours on end. But we can’t measure that.

So what else can we do while logged in. Two things mainly. Set our line-up, and sign players. This gives us our other two measures. By adding the number of line-up changes, the number of signings and the number of log-ins we get our Active Managers Index.

Here are the numbers:



Rank Team Name # Log-ins
1 Chris Talling’s XI 74
2 Boz’s Pandas 70
3 Peperami Barmy Army 65
4 The Groovy Penguins 63
5 Leweys Legends 61
6 Bobbond Allstars 60
7 Elm Grove Elite 59
7 Ozone Athletic 59
9 Clem’s Lems 58
10 Gooch United 56
11 Real Sosobad 54
12 Salamanders 52
13 The Hammerheads 51
14 Team fisher8080 16



Rank Team Name # Line-up Changes
1 Leweys Legends 42
2 Chris Talling’s XI 41
3 Peperami Barmy Army 38
3 Real Sosobad 38
5 Clem’s Lems 35
6 The Groovy Penguins 34
7 The Hammerheads 32
8 Boz’s Pandas 26
9 Bobbond Allstars 24
9 Elm Grove Elite 24
9 Ozone Athletic 24
9 Gooch United 24
13 Salamanders 23
14 Team fisher8080 9



Rank Team Name # Signings
1 The Groovy Penguins 24
2 Elm Grove Elite 22
3 Chris Talling’s XI 18
4 Peperami Barmy Army 16
4 Boz’s Pandas 16
6 Ozone Athletic 14
7 Leweys Legends 12
8 Bobbond Allstars 10
8 Salamanders 10
10 The Hammerheads 9
11 Clem’s Lems 7
11 Gooch United 7
13 Real Sosobad 4
14 Team fisher8080 0



Rank Team Name Overall
1 Chris Talling’s XI 133
2 The Groovy Penguins 121
3 Peperami Barmy Army 119
4 Leweys Legends 115
5 Boz’s Pandas 112
6 Elm Grove Elite 105
7 Clem’s Lems 100
8 Ozone Athletic 97
9 Real Sosobad 96
10 Bobbond Allstars 94
11 The Hammerheads 92
12 Gooch United 87
13 Salamanders 85
14 Team fisher8080 25



Congratulations to Huw on his victory. But is it a hollow victory? Do Charles and/or Haimes have access to his log-in details? With three people logging in all the time his numbers would be artificially inflated. Yet more villainy from the Villain of the Year? Or the innocent consequence of round-the-world travels? I’ll let you decide.


Your friendly Commish.




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