Fantrax Pools – Week 2

Congratulations to Boz for his victory in the inaugural Fantrax Pools last week. Leweys Legends more than lived up to their billing as elimination favourite with an abysmal score of 16, earning Boz a cool £29.60 from his £3.90 stake. However, Boz was lucky to escape elimination himself with Cedric Soares saving him from an embarrassing first round exit. Gooch’s pre-match talk of difficult fixtures for the Pandas turned out to be extremely accurate, and he can count himself unlucky not to take home the prize off a mere £1 bid.

Talking of luck, not only did Chris Talling survive being knocked out with a score of 19, he also won his league match, having the fortune of facing the aforementioned Legends. Incidentally, 19 is the joint lowest winning score in Fantrax history, along with Bobbond Allstars 19-18 victory over the then-named Rems in last season’s Week 30. I suspect Bond would give his right arse cheek in exchange for a 19-18 win this season.

On to this week then, and I’m excited to announce a new element to the Pools. Lets face it, Fantrax is a league built on bidding. The Auction, the Free Agents….. we fucking love bidding on stuff. So from this week onwards, if someone has already taken the team you think will be eliminated, you will now be able to outbid them. In increments of 10p, by placing a higher bid on any given team, the original bid will be cancelled and your bid will become active. The original bidder then has the choice of either re-raising you, or picking a better value team to back for elimination instead. This should remove any unfairness from the first come first serve model.

Here are the prices for this week:

Team Price Points (Last 5 Wks) Low Scores (<25) Odds of KO Chance of KO
Team fisher8080 £3.80 143 24, 20 8.0 12.5%
Bobbond Allstars £3.50 144 22 8.9 11.3%
The Hammerheads £2.80 161 22 11.1 9.0%
Clem’s Lems £2.80 156 24 11.1 9.0%
Chris Talling’s XI £2.70 170 19 11.2 8.9%
Salamanders £2.40 165 24 12.8 7.8%
Elm Grove Elite £2.30 172 23, 24 13.2 7.6%
Peperami Barmy Army £2.10 170 None 14.7 6.8%
Boz’s Pandas £2.10 181 21 14.8 6.8%
The Groovy Penguins £2.00 172 None 15.3 6.5%
Gooch United £1.80 178 None 17.4 5.7%
Real Sosobad £1.30 190 None 24.0 4.2%
Ozone Athletic £1.20 192 None 25.6 3.9%

To allow you to keep a track of how much you’re spending on the pools, I’ll also post the accumulated totals going forwards to show how much you owe (or how much you’ve won):

Bids Wins Total
Boz £3.90 £29.60 £25.70
Gaff £3.60 -£3.60
Bond £3.30 -£3.30
Ham £2.60 -£2.60
Lew £2.60 -£2.60
Huw £2.40 -£2.40
Josh £2.30 -£2.30
Mills £2.20 -£2.20
Owen £2.00 -£2.00
Dev £1.40 -£1.40
Matt £1.30 -£1.30
Gooch £1.00 -£1.00
Salv £1.00 -£1.00

Incidentally, with scores of 17, 16 and 23 in the last three weeks, if the Legends were still in the Cup they would have set you back more than £5 this week as overwhelming favourites. But they’re not, so……….

May the Pools be ever in your favour.

Your friendly Commish.


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