A world without managerial blunders.

So here we are… in a rose-tinted world where managerial decisions are always spot on and the best players always make the team. No travelling excuses, no lock-out time confusion, and certainly nobody is hungover here.

I’ve taken a look over the previous 6 game weeks to see what the current table standings would be had each team fielded their best possible squad.


Week 1


Panda’s v PBA, Talling v Allstars, Lems v Salamadars, Ozone v Gooch, Hammerheads v Penguins… you will all be pleased to know that under no circumstances could your results have been any different. And worth noting, if you’re not mentioned in the following game weeks, then you’re results were written in the stars.

Let’s get stuck in to it then… EGE v The Legends ended 27-22 in EGE favour, but The Legends could have drawn had he played Evans instead of the banned Chris Smalling. West Brom beating Palace 1-0 may have been a surprise to many so early on in the season, but Lewis should have known better and could have walked away with a 27-27 draw..

Not only that – unsurprisingly – Fisher8080 v Real Sosobad.

Josh could’ve picked up an extra 7 points if he played Snodgrass instead of Feghouli (who DNP for West Ham against Chelsea) to win 40-39. If he didn’t fancy that, opting for a change of formation to 442 and playing Defoe would have bagged him an extra 6 for 39-39. On the flipside, Fisher8080 had 7 points from Cazorla sitting on his bench which would have been better than the 2 points Ramsey won him, making it a definite win for Fish, but if you want my read on the game (and to make it more fun) Ramsey was always preferred to Cazorla, meaning Josh could have beaten an unchanged Fisher8080 team and picked up 3 points here.

With the opening game week comes a lot of pressure for every manager involved. With very little intel on which players will start, it’s more of a gamble than anything else. But two decisions could have made a big difference. Lewey’s Legends could have earned themselves a draw if it were for better research, and Josh could have actually claimed an opening weekend win. How will these dropped points affect the rest of the season?

Week 2

Just two noteworthy decisions in game week 2…

Gooch v Leweys = Had Gooch opted for Ians Nachos instead of Berahino, and Gibson instead of an unplayed Clichy, he could have got his points up to 40. But with Clemo leaving Schmeichel on the bench whose CS against Arsenal gave him 7 points instead of Boric only picking up 2, the judges decide that the Legends always had this one in the bag.

Real SoSoBad v Pandas = A close close game with Panda’s scraping a 35-34 win over Sosobad. But how it could have been SoSoDifferent… Rondon could have earned Josh an extra point over the favoured Giroud. Sosobad could have earned himself a draw here.

Apart from the above mentions, almost every manager can sleep tight knowing that during week two, there were no managerial howlers.



Week 3


Here we go again…

Lems v Sosobad = Josh, stubborn as a mule. Sticking to his bumboy Giroud instead of a starting Defoe against a questionable Southampton side has cost him another 6 points. Should he have known better? Saying that, The Lems had 5 points on their bench this week in Drinkwater which would have taken Clem into an unreachable position, but it is worth noting that Josh could have won this game 40-39, but this one stays as a Lems win.

We find ourselves finding our feet in another Fantrax season, and with another Fantrax season comes another Josh Rees obligatory error. Another slightly better selection would have given Josh another win. That’s big points dropped in 3 game weeks from questionnable management.

Week 4


Pandas v Ozone = What a close one. 33-32 the final score, but unfortunately for Ozone he had little faith in local hospital resident Sturridge, who managed to bag himself a goal. It’s unconfirmed as to whether or not Ozone knew Sturridge was to be back in this Liverpool line up, but either way, 5 points packs a bigger punch than his starting strike force combined, and would have given Ozone the win.

Lems v Hammerheads = Another nail biter! Ham winning 30-29, but Lems had a small but significant Danny ‘2 pointer’ Drinkwater on his bench that would have tipped the scales in his favour. With Mata sidelined for the whole game, I’m going to say the Lems missed out on a potential W here.

2 big wins gone amiss here, with the curse of Daniel Sturbridge comes back to bite Ozone in the rectum one more time, and the Lems still showing no confidence in Drinkwater. Small decisions, but big impact.

Week 5


Game week 5 was a busy one…

Allstars v Salamadars = Wow. What an absolute rip roarer. 50-40 to Salv, but holy smokes Bond must have been kicking himself. A season record of 20 points on his bench this week is more than some items have scored all weekend and claimed a win. Kolorov in place of Delaney, Tomkin in place of Monreal and Henderson instead of Fellaini would have made this 56-50 in Bonds favour.
EGE v Lems = The newly titled ‘Pintside Derby’ was a belter. Lems clutching a 24-23 win. Had Gaff opted for Hendrick instead of Firmino, and Mbokani in place of either of his starting strikers, he’d be staring down the barrel of 27 points. BUT, with Capoue netting at Old Trafford that weekend, this meant that the win was always Clemos. But a close one at that.

Gooch United v Fisher8080 = Another that could have been a different story! Simpson CS against Burnley and Loris CS against Sunderland could have taken Fisher up to 36 points! But with an extra point from Janssen sitting on Gooch’s bench and another if Allen had played over Sane, Gooch himself could have gone up to 36 points. This one had potential to be a draw, so will be marked down as just that.

Ozone v Tall = Huw must have been so tied up with catching ping pong balls in his mouth that he’s missed a trick here. Arsenal v Hull and you don’t play Iwobi? Eriksen was sidelined for what reason I can’t recall, but had Huw known this, he’d be sucking those ping pong balls smiling over a 49-44 win.

Penguins v PBA = Unchanged result, but Penguins must be frothing at a 10 point Walcott on his bench. Not a chance for PBA here.

Unbelievable scenes this week. Bond and Huw must be private messaging between them about how upset they are, and throw in a little sympathy for Mr Gooch as well.

Week 6


Talling v Leweys = A game that caused plenty of controversy this week. A change of formation and Negredo in the team would have earned the Legends an extra two points to slug out a draw, but with Downing scoring 5 on Huw’s bench, this game was always Huw’s to win.

Rems v Gooch = This game was at risk of making Clemo feel sick to the bad shoulder. He’s narrowly won this one 37-36, with 25 points on his bench. Let’s look at that again. Twenty. Five. Points. The 4 players alone on  bench would have beaten not one, not two, not three, but FOUR teams this week. His max score was 56 this week, making Gooch’s max points of 44 not quite cutting the mustard.

So after all that, what does it mean for the league table?

Well, a couple of changing results and, in a world of perfect managerial decisions, this is how we look…


Bu, unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect Fantrax world and, no-so-unfortunately, Josh Rees will always make managerial blunders.


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