Commish Corner – Announcement

To celebrate the start of the Survival Cup, it is with great pleasure that I am pleased to announce the introduction of a brand new feature to Fantrax…..

The Fantrax Pools

What is the Fantrax Pools? Quite simply, it is a way of betting on who will be eliminated from the Survival Cup each week.

Using the unique “Commish Algorithm” (copyright pending), each team has been given a Price which corresponds to how likely they are to be knocked out this week, according to the algorithm. The price is calculated based on the number of points that team has scored in the last 5 weeks, and also takes into account any particularly low scores they’ve had in that time frame.

Each team can only be bet on once. Once a bet has been placed on a particular team, that’s it – no-one else can then bet on them.

To place a bet simply post a message in the Party WhatsApp group. It is a first come first served basis – whichever message I receive first will get their bet confirmed. Bets are open to all, including non-managers.

As more and more people place their bets, the prize pool will get bigger and bigger, until there are no bets remaining. The bet winner takes it all – no prizes for runners up in this game.

If the team eliminated has not been bet on by anyone, then the bets will roll over to next week.

It would be tedious collecting this money every week, so all bets placed will be added on to the amount you owe for Fantrax this season. Similarly for winnings – they will be paid out later in the season in one go.

It is my deepest hope that this will add yet another element to the game we all know and love. And of course, yet another chance to win money- especially for those of us that are eliminated early.

If there are any questions, please post them on Whats App.

There is up to £30.70 up for grabs this week – here are those all important prices. May the Pools be ever in your favour!

Team Points Low Scores (<25) Odds of KO Chance of KO Price
Leweys Legends 129 16, 23, 22 7.9 12.7% £3.90
The Hammerheads 133 22, 18 8.5 11.7% £3.60
Salamanders 145 24, 13 9.3 10.7% £3.30
Clem’s Lems 145 24 11.8 8.5% £2.60
Team fisher8080 154 24, 20 11.8 8.5% £2.60
Gooch United 160 18 12.8 7.8% £2.40
Bobbond Allstars 150 None 13.3 7.5% £2.30
Elm Grove Elite 159 23, 24 14.0 7.2% £2.20
Peperami Barmy Army 159 None 15.4 6.5% £2.00
Real Sosobad 176 None 21.9 4.6% £1.40
The Groovy Penguins 178 None 23.6 4.2% £1.30
Ozone Athletic 185 None 27.9 3.6% £1.10
Boz’s Pandas 188 None 30.7 3.3% £1.00
Chris Talling’s XI 188 None 30.7 3.3% £1.00
Max £30.70



Your friendly Commish.




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