Team of the Season (so far) GW5


As were moving onto Gameweek 6 I thought it’d be interesting to have a look back at the season so far and create a TOTS(SF).

The team has been decided on FP/G and with a minimum game allowance of 3 games played.


GK – Hugo Lloris, Team Fisher8080, 4.67 fp/g – 3gp

Lloris will be a contender for highest scoring GK again this season. A very solid Spurs defence with depth ensures a maximum points return for Fisher. A very kushty auction buy indeed. An unfortunate injury in gamweek 1 had put Lloris out for 2 games but hes returned with a bang keeping two clean sheets out of two since. Games against Middlesborough,Man City, West Brom and Bournemouth approach. Other than the MC game I’d assume Fisher is silently licking his lips ahead of these.

Gaffs guess of inclusion in next TOTS – 65%

LB – Danny Rose, Bozs Pandas, 5 fp/g – 3gp

Rose has a very similair story to Lloris. After an impressive start an injury away on international duty has kept him out of action. He faced a late fitness test ahead of the Sunderland game and was kept in bubblewrap. He looks likely to start again this weekend and Bogroll will be hoping for a CS against a fairly poor Middlesborough attack.

Gaffs guess of inclusion in next TOTS – 48%

CB – Gareth McAuley, Gooch United, 4.4fp/g – 5gp

McAuley started the season on fire with 2cs 1g in 3 games leading to a very excited Graeme Gooch putting up McAuley posters all over in bedroom in late August. The points have faded away since and with games approaching against Spurs, Liverpool and Man City GG wouldn’t be blamed if he looked elsewhere in the squad for a defensive superstar. Overall McAuley will be a decent points provider under a Pulis defence. Will he make the next TOTS? I’m not so sure.

Gaffs guess of inclusion in next TOTS – 6%

CB – Laurent Koscielny, Gooch United, 4.5fp/g – 4gp

Arsenal look incapable of keeping a CS at the moment. A very sexy goal for Laurent has allowing him to push Alderweireld out of the starters. Once a partnership between Kosc and Musty has had time to evolve the CS’s will surely start poring in. It doesn’t seem likely to start with Chelsea this week but with a very saucey run of Bur,Swa, Mid and Sun to follow it’s surely only a matter of time.

Gaffs guess of inclusion in next TOTS – 48%

RB – Kyle Walker, Team Fisher8080, 5.2fp/g – 5gp

3CS and 2 big A’s in 5 games for Walker is an absolutely disgusting return for Fisher. The once dubbed Kyle ‘Runner’ seems destined for more A’s this season as his attacking ability is a clear threat loved by Poch. He consistently seems like a busy player when watched. He loves giving the ball away but his ability to recover his own mistakes is outstanding. Great fantasy player and very likely to suck a load of points in for Fish.

Gaffs guess of inclusion in next TOTS – 57%

DM – Etienne Capoue, Clems Rem Lems, 6.6fp/g – 5gp

The fact Capoue is anywhere near this lineup frankly astounds me. The fact Capoue has 4 goals and 1 assist in 5 games frankly astounds me. I’m not sure what I can sat about this. He’s managed goals against Sou, Che, Whu and Mun. I don’t know what to say. I’m in shock. Either Clemo is a genius who predicted this level of form or he’s jammed this one by picking up a DM who got pushed forward. I’ll leave that for the party to decide. Surely this level of form can’t continue?

Gaffs guess of inclusion in next TOTS – 8%

LM – Raheem Sterling, Chris Talling (???!!!), 6.8fp/g – 5gp

Raheem looks a new man under Pep and this is seeming like an absolute hell of a pick up. 3G’s, 2 big A’s and only 30 mins missed in 5 games. This is the form and development a fantasy manager stiffs up at the thought of. Currently our joint highest rated player in the 11 and with a City attack that looks relentless things can surely only get better? Depth, Champions League rotation and injury must be Hool and the Gangs biggest fear.

Gaffs guess of inclusion in next TOTS – 70%

RM – Michael Antonio, Gooch Untd, 6.8fp/g – 5gp

And here’s our other highest rated player. Bloke seems to have a fucking magnet on his head. If it wasn’t for 0 points in GW1 he’d have blown Raheem out the park. Look at these stats since:

GW2 1G 8pnts

GW3 1G 7pnts

GW4 2G 12pnts

GW5 1G 7pnts

GG has definitely got himself some Antonio bed sheets to match his McAuley posters. Statistically the bloke doesn’t even look like he’s part of a WH squad who’ve conceeded 11 g’s in the last 3 games. Outstanding personal form. Will the rest of the squad start pulling him down with them?

Gaffs guess of inclusion in next TOTS – 65%

AM – Kevin De Bruyne, Salamanders, 6.4fp/g – 5gp

I’m a huge fan of this lad. He seems to have gone from strength to strenght under Pep and will be one of the highest point scorers this season, I’m sure of it. 5 games, 2 G’s, 3 big A’s and 1 cheeky ASOP. If theres to be one saving grace in Slabs season it’s bound to be this guy. I can’t see many teams holding MC to a CS this season and KDB’s alwys likely to be involved in goals.

Gaffs guess of inclusion in next TOTS – 73%

LS – Romelu Lukaku, Talling (???!!!), 6.5fp/g – 4gp

Doing fuck all until GW4 Romelu now looks like he’s realised you actually have to put an effort in during a football match.  23 pnts in the last 2 games is just silly and has pushed him straight into the team. Can he continue this form? Why not? The rest of the league will be hoping the Villian’s main striker goes back to sleep but for now the boys on fire.

Gaffs guess of inclusion in next TOTS – 30%

RS – Diego Costa, Bozs Pandas, 6fp/g – 3gp

Costa’s been in outstanding form this season. Either his video based addictions have pushed him on this season or the pressure from Batty has forced him to look like the Costa of old. 5G’s and 1 big A in 5 games is a great return! Rumour has it Tommy Dick Fingers has been seen regularly at Costa’s apartment recently for ‘celebrations’ parties.


Gaffs guess of inclusion in next TOTS – 67%

That completes the start 11 which consists of

Gooch United – 3 players

Bozs Pandas – 2 players

Christ Talling (???!!!) – 2 players

Team Fisher8080 – 2 players

Clems Rem Lems – 1 player

Pepperami Barmy Army – 1 player

Salamanders – 1 player



Below is a quick briefing on the subs bench.

GK – Jackupovic, Salamanders, 4.6fp/g – 5gp

Def – Dann, Salamanders, 4.2fp/g – 5gp

Def – Alderweireld, Penguins, 4.4fp/g – 5gp

Mid – Payet, Penguins, 5.67fp/g – 3gp

Mid – Sanchez, Ozone Athletic, 6.4fp/g – 5gp

Fw – Aguero, Pepperami Barmy Army, 6fp/g – 3gp




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