Here we go again. This instalment will see two teams, in the Shedders and the skin between the bollocks and asshole, who are desperate for early points battle it out. Its a fierce rivalry that borders on serious levels of flirtation regularly.

Salamanders vs Gooch United

giant-salamander     keep-calm-and-lick-my-g



Andy has been very lucky with Jakupovic who has racked up more points than any of us could have imaged (currently the Salamanders joint top point scorer). The arrival of Marshall could provide a selection headache for the Salamanders but Jakky should keep his spot for this week. This week he faces a Burnley squad who have failed to score in 2/3 of their first games.

Defence is clearly the strongest aspect of Andy’s team and a back 4 of Lovren, Dann, Bailly and Zaba would usually provide a decent return. The manchester derby doesn’t help this week and Liverpool Leicester is anyones guess with both teams being fairly hard to judge so far. Dann looks most likely to provide CS points this week against a Middlesborough side that will struggle this season.

Midfield onwards is where the problems start for Slab. Xhaka is likely to get more YC’s than G’s or A’s this season. Success and Ramadan seem like unnecessary gambles considering the state of the midfield/ attack and how the FA looked at the time. Both players seem pretty far away from breaking into their starting lineups but maybe Andy has a man on the inside? £95 million for another midfielder when the Salamanders are struggling to find a starting striker is also baffling but Salv must be enjoying his kool-aid. Taking the price out of the equation Boufal is a small step in the right direction and could turn out to be a fairly productive player. Finally We all know what KDB and Alli can do but the latter may struggle for gametime if Pochettino decides he’d like to fit Janssen into the squad.

Things go from bad to worse up front for the Shedders. With Carroll injured, Austin clearly not favoured and questions marks over HRK’s role at West Brom this is a potential nightmare for Salv. I’ve gone with starting two as I believe 2nd half cameos for HRK and Austin seem more likely point opportunities than playing Ramadan as an extra midfielder.



Screen Shot 2016-09-08 at 18.21.07.png

Cech is a world class keeper and is bound to be up there this season with CS’s once Mustafi settles. I’m not confident a CS is coming his way this week but patience will pay off for GG.

Like the Shredders defence is a strong spot for the SBBA’s. Like Cech, Koscielny will pay off. McCauley is on outrageous form and a key member of a defensive WBA lineup. If Matip can keep his spot at Liverpool he’s bound to bring the CS’ in as well. Terry is always a solid player and regardless of Luiz’s Chelsea arrival looks set to continue at the back for a strong looking Chelski squad.

Midfield is an interesting spot for GU. Antonio is on good form and looks likely to be their main points outlet. Milner having to play LB is frustrating but being on pen duty might be worth a gamble when needed. Allen will be doing a lot of the dirt work at Stoke and unfortunately won’t be a super high scorer this week and may have to be relied up as a 2 pnter each week. Gooch went large on Sissoko this deadline day and hopefully his confidence will pay off. Unfortunately I’m not so sure he’ll make an instant impact and may have to make do with his chances to earn a starting spot at White Hart Lane. Mkhi looked class during his last game but a recent injury must be incredibly frustrating for Graeme. Luckily Sane looks to be making his way back to full fitness and will be ready to start competing for a starting spot for City soon. Due to these facts I can only see a starting midfiled 4 of Milner, Allen, Antonio and Sissoko being most effective this week.

Gambling on Ians Nachos will pay off this week for Gooch. Aguero has been a very naughty boy and this is time for Ian to shine. I think he will relish a chance at a Manchester derby and can see him pinching a goal this weekend. Janssen looks on the edge of breaking into the spurs team but really needs to take advantage of his chances. Until then I’d go with Bera who’s more likely to start. Personally I think he’s an overrated player but a game against Bournemouth this weekend could give him an opportunity to prove me wrong.



Okey and now for the rest of the weeks predictions. These are going to be alot hastier as I’m off to the cinema with Garth to see sausage fest.

Screen Shot 2016-09-08 at 20.24.21.png
Garth isn’t a huge fan of 3D. It makes his eyes go funny.


Pepperami Barmy Army vs Leweys Legends









PBA: Aguero ban forces PBA to play 1 up top. Wilson yet to score and playing a solid WBA defence. Bridle/Debro combo rely on midfield points for advantage. Azpi looks set for a CS in what seems like a tough week for PBA otherwise.

LL: Midfield crisis for legends sees team not able to start a full 11. With no definitive starter options to sit up top next to Negredo, Rashford on current form seems to be the best bet for a cameo goal.

Predicted score: PBA  28 Vs 27 LL

Ultimately Larrys lack of ability to field a full 11 comes back to bight him.


REAL SOSOBAD vs CHRIS TALLING (???!!!)screen-shot-2016-09-08-at-20-52-11











Real Sosobad: Rees has put together his best squad to date. Unfortunately he hasn’t managed to put old habits to bed and still continues to make awful management decisions. Accepting responsibility will be his first step towards rehabilitation. If Squirtle can sort his head there is minimal chance of this squad finishing last. This week I believe a gamble on Giroud is worthy. Sunderland face an Everton team who’ve looked to push on under Koeman and Giroud looks the current Arsenal starter. It’s anyones guess what Perez can do at PL level. Rondon at Bournemouth being another worthy starter. He’ll be looking to keep HRK out of the squad and what better way to do this than a performance this weekend. Other than that I like this band of starting midfielders. Fernandinho seems like a redundant pick up but having a 2/3 on your bench isn’t something to frown upon.

Chris Talling (!!!???): Not a difficult squad to pick with all subs out injured. Remys injury is a big blow to the squad. I think relying on two Leicester cb’s will come back to haunt Chris. They will struggle with balancing CL football and attempting to retain they’re title. A middle table finish will render these two as bang average choices. Luiz may prove to be a class pick up but I’m not convinced he’ll walk straight into the team. He didn’t prove too many critics wrong in France and currently seems more like a pr stunt than a genuine world class player. The CT management team will be hoping he can make a difference at Chelsea and quickly. An outrageous midfield topped off with Lukaku is a fear for any manager facing this abnormally named team.

RS 38 VS 37 CT(??!!)



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