Hello again! Having read part 1 so speedily I gave the duties of part 2 match selection to Mr Monster Cock lover himself Danny MC Bridle. Selflessly choosing two games that don’t involve the PBA.

Therefore the Arun Hall Lover of the week award goes to Daniel Bridle well done mate.

Screen Shot 2016-09-07 at 19.49.05.png
Daniel Bridle – Lover of the week and all round MC enthusiast


His first selection is part of this weeks incorrectly named Soggy Sunday:


screen-shot-2016-09-07-at-23-06-27    screen-shot-2016-09-07-at-23-07-26



A decent team for selection by Pandas boss Bogroll. The steal of Bony offers some absolute boners up-top and recent pick ups of Chadli and Janny supply the Pandas with some much needed attacking players.

De Gea in goals would usually be a bang tidy selection but unfortunately facing Man City this week I can’t see either team keeping a CS. Saying that I can’t criticise having De Gea in the squad as the majority of managers would snap him up, or in bonds case pay 50 million for a player of his standard (arguably less).

On paper the defence look fairly average and Rose facing Bony is a bit of a nightmare (more on the Bony situation later). I fancy 2 CS from either Coleman, Masuaku & Galloway. So I can see a pretty decent week from this defence.

Midfield is a strong position for the Pandas. Chadli and Janny were exciting additions along side Wij and Willian. Janny and Chadlie will suffer by being in poor Sunderland & West Brom squads but should still rack up a decent amount of points between them. Question marks lay over Wij and Willian who could both end up playing deeper than Borrill would have hoped, Wij not being afforded the luxury of advancing due to bigger talent ahead & the worry of a wing back role being question towards Willian.

Tommy Dick Fingers has managed to build himself one of the best attacking forces in the league. He gambled on all three of his strikers and they look like they’ll all pay off. With the issue of not being able to play three strikers Borrill has a nice headache. Costa against Swansea has to start but the question is will Bony? If so I fancy Bony’s point potential against Spurs over Rooneys against City.


Pandas manager Tommy Dick Fingers does his panda impression to inspire the players each week.



Screen Shot 2016-09-07 at 22.19.45.png


Its week 4 and the Athletic are the only team left unbeaten in what is building itself up to be the most competitive fantrax season to date. Purs will be hoping to keep this record maintained but faces stiff competition in the Pandas.

Between the sticks Owen has a fairly average low middle table keeper (I’m one to talk) in Foster. He’ll be hoping Pulis stays at West Brom and continues to maintain his highly spoken of defensive system.

At the back I feel Pervs should go with, mainly due to his problems up top, 4 this week. Janmaat seemed like a good pick up and will hopefully start to build something a little more solid for Watford.  Ivanovic is virtually a guaranteed CS this week and I wouldn’t be surprised with another from West Ham/Palace CS.

Like the Pandas there is a wealth in midfield for Athletic. All 5 starters offer goals galore and it’s not his lack of ability but more game time that lets Pedro down.   I fancy Sanchez to do something at home to Southampton, Mirallas at Sunderland and with Palace’s new striking force a big fat A could be on the cards for Andy.

The striking position is clearly an issue for Pervs and I commend his attempts at trying to resolve this by bringing in Slimani. It seems unlikely he’ll start this week and no one can say really what he can bring to the league. Bamford is a worthy gamble but will probably struggle for game time again this season. Sturridge is clearly not favoured by Klopp with Origi looking like he could be further up the pecking order will Purs two year commitment to the player ever pay off?

Screen Shot 2016-09-07 at 22.45.00.png
Cool dude Pervy is currently the leagues most successful manager. This guy^!?














Monochrome Bears 41 Vs 40 Ozone Pathetic

“The smaller the free agency, the greater the happiness in winning” Pele discusses fantrax March 2015

Pele – fantrax winner 1962 (lesser known footballer)



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