Commish Corner – Week 2

Theme of the week – Rebrands

The Groovy Penguins started a trend, and there have been a number of club rebrands over the summer. The Rems have become Lems, FC SAP have become Salamanders and the Hammerhead Sharks have done a “reverse Hull” by removing the animal from their name. But by far the worst rebrand has come from Mr Huw Meredith.

Meredith has recruited two new assistants over the summer, and we give a big welcome to Charles and Haimes. But rather than rebrand to show this new sense of teamwork and unity, Meredith inexplicably chose a rebrand to feed his own ego. Chris Talling, and the corresponding BFG logo, is a clear reference to Meredith’s personal height and friendliness. There is no mention of his management team, or indeed his players, and this rebrand is Huw’s way of saying “Yes I’ve brought you onboard, but make no mistake, I’m still in charge”. We should expect this arrogance from our reigning Villain of the Year, but even so it is shocking. The use of Chris Smalling as a pun is in itself confusing, since Smalling is a proud member of Lewey’s Legends.

Following the backlash, I expect yet another rebrand (which would be the 5th) from a man who is clearly confused about his team’s identity.

Fool of the week

After firing a blank in Week 1 the pressure was on former champion Salv to perform in Week 2. He absolutely failed to deliver, scoring the lowest in the league for the second week running. His extraordinary decision to start an injured Carroll and Mousset, who got 0 minutes in Week 1 and followed that up with 0 minutes in Week 2, was laughable. The league leader Ian Fisher has nearly double his score – things need to pick up soon or the Salamanders brand will be forever defined by failure.

Question of the week

Why oh why does the league’s design expert refuse to design himself a logo? Is it laziness? Or is it incompetence? Who can say. Yes he may be on holiday but if he’s got time for press ups then by Zeus he should have time for Fantrax.

Moment of the week

I’m gona go for “PVA for PBA”, a catchy yet wildly irritating phrase coined by Dan Bridle to celebrate the Van Aanholt goal that essentially sealed the win for Peperami.


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