Week 3 “GOTW” Prediction – EGE vs Salamanders

This week our featured game is Elm Grove Elite vs the Salamanders. One team on the cusp of greatness, another in utter despair. This game can surely go only one way, can’t it?

Elm Grove Elite predicted lineup

Elm Grove Elite Prediction.png

No words are required to describe Zlatan. Whilst the majority of managers were fearful on auction day about his ability to settle into the Premier League, Arun Sour Grapes Hall showed the true size of his balls by pulling off what could be the biggest and best buy of the season. Zlatan is set to dominate Fantrax this year. The 6 points predicted here for Zlatan could just as easily be 26.

Midfield and defence will likely bring solid if unspectactular points, but when you have Zlatan that will often suffice. It will be interesting to see how far forward joint-Fantrax record signing Pogba will get when Man United come up against Hull. However, Heaton is unlikely to bring much to the table, with a tough away trip to Chelsea for Burnley.

Predicted Elm Grove score: 34

Salamanders predicted lineup

Salamanders Prediction

Andrew Salvidge, the true loose cannon of Fantrax years gone by, has put together one of the most bizarre squads in modern day football history. World class quality is sprinkled with tiny piles of shit everywhere you look. De Bruyne and Alli could be points machines, but Hojbjerg (who?) and Ramadan (who?) are likely to provide very little.

The striker situation is laughable. Charlie Austin has played a total of 2 minutes thus far this season and that trend is likely to continue. The likely route of victory for the Salamanders this week is through a defensive masterclass. Providing Bailly plays (not guaranteed by any means) then a clean sheet is certainly on the cards, but I’m currently struggling to see Everton, Liverpool or Palace keeping a clean sheet. Andrew Salvidge’s long-lost love Scott Dann will need to bring his A-game if the Salamanders are to “salvidge” anything from Game Week 3.

Predicted Salamanders score: 30

Predicted final score: Elm Grove 34 – 30 Salamanders

Whilst this would still be a season-best score for the Salamanders, the Elite will be very disappointed if they fail to take the 3 points from this one.




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